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Rayabin is a biometric hardware and software solution and product provider. Our company works on biometric technologies such as iris, face and fingerprint recognition. We have developed and produced a whole range of biometric access control, traffic control, verification and identification systems to our customers. What we Professional biometric systems with extreme accuracy and speed are what we offer to our customers.

Some advantages of our products:
Extreme accuracy and no error detected
Reliability and lack of opportunity for fraud
Offering unrivaled stability and security
High recognition speed and scalability
Easy to use and user friendly designed
Capability to work under networks
Various range of operating reports and users logs


We are committed to providing the highest quality biometric products and services with unparalleled innovation, high accuracy and speed.

Rayabin has designed, tested and launched its independent iris recognition system on a commercial scale. Our e-Gates and Bio-ATMs now are working properly on banking networks.

And now... Just choose our new biometric keys to your security locks...








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