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Bio Box -  Biometric Safe Box



This is for the first time that a biometric safe deposit box has been developed based on iris recognition technology. This kind of safe box has been armed with a high security connection network that eliminates the other supervision ways and parallel ensuring methods.

The Rayabin’s Biometric Safe Deposit Access System is designed to maintain high-security unescorted user entry to your bank safe deposit box vault. Using biometric access control with PIN numbers the vault opens and close, allowing entry to the vault with the gate closing behind them.

Features and Benefits
• Security
• Saves money over card-based systems
• User friendly
• Increases convenience by eliminating signature cards
• Integrates into existing systems
• Field proven reliable technology
• Easy to Use

The vault-entry procedure is simple:

1- Customer enters his PIN* number
2- Customer places his finger also his eye(s) on the biometric reader,
3- The system unlocks the vault day gate and allows the customer entry if the customer's PIN number and the customer's pre-recorded biometric data are verified
Once your customer has entered the vault, the gate automatically and gently closes and relocks. The customer can easily unlock the gate from inside with the simple turn of a handle.







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