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>> Simultaneous detection and identification based on iris, face and fingerprint

Rayabin's system continues to set the highest standard for performance and versatility for iris recognition. Whether you are looking for a single biometric identification solution that leads the industry, or a multi-factor verification solution that works with iris scan, facial, fingerprint, and may cards, card readers or keypad solutions, our system platform will meet your needs.

Rayabin's iris recognition solution provide highly accurate, non-contact identification by the iris of the eye from 6 inches away while delivering security, convenience, privacy and productivity to users.
our solution's versatility and flexibility allows for easy integration with many Wiegand and network based access control, time and attendance, visitor management and point of sale applications. Also our facial and fingerprint recognition modules can easily be adde to this system.

Engineering and design teams have further enhanced the intuitive user interface of the multimodal series with visual and audible prompts that provide the easiest, quickest and most accurate enrollment and identification.
A rapid auto-tilt capability further increases both speed and convenience with a simple touch or when combined with cards or PINs to adjust for height. A face image can also be obtained during enrollment to streamline badging and visitor management applications while a space for an optional surveillance camera has also been incorporated.

Other advantages:
High speed and super precision
No opportunity for fraud or identity theft
Not use any foreign source code or SDK
Ability to customize according to customer requirements
Reasonable price and strong technical support

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سیستم جامع شناسایی و تشخیص هویت با استفاده از مولفه های بیومتریک  عنبیه چشم، چهره و اثر انگشت







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