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International symbol of biometric passports
(International symbol of biometric passports)


National ID Cards are used in many countries around the world.

Advantages of a National ID Card
If every citizen was forced to carry an ID card, when demanded by a police officer an individual must produce a card. If that individual cannot show the card this leaves the vague possibility that the individual is a terrorist or more likely an illegal alien.
To alleviate the very time-consuming waiting period to board aircraft, Federal employees will be able to quickly verify your identity, thus virtually eliminating this cumbersome process.
India implemented a National ID Card but it is only used for voter registration and no other function.
When making a purchase either via a check or credit card, the ID card can be demanded by the seller hopefully reducing fraud.
Many government agencies and some larger corporations already use a “smart card” technology for accessibility to facilities, by simply waving the card nearby a scanner.


The increasing threat of identity fraud necessitates the strengthening of security features in passports. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) - which sets international standards- nominated facial recognition as the primary biometric with iris and fingerprint as backup but not mandatory. The use of biometric information to link a person to a passport can help to counter identify fraud. In practice, biometric verification can be used at border controls and to verify the image on a passport renewal application against images held on record.

The use of biometric information to link a person to a passport serves a dual role:

  • - Helps to detect counterfeit or manipulated documents
    - Confirms the identify of the individual




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